Wildlife in Italy: Corvus Corvus frugilegus

Wildlife in Italy: Corvus Corvus frugilegus

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Systematic classification and distribution

Class: Birds
Order: Passeriformi
Family: Crows
Kind: Corvus
Species: frugilegus

The species is present as a breeder in central Europe from Scandinavia to the Pyrenees. Northern populations migrate south to the Mediterranean basin.

Crow (photo

Crow (photo Didier Collin)

Distinctive characters

Length 45-47 cm; weight 220-250 gr. Medium-large size. Completely black plumage, long, wide and frayed wings, round tail, black legs with feathers of the tibia which constitute the typical "trousers". Similar sexes.


The natural habitat of the species is represented by woods and thickets near vast open areas or cultivated areas, meadows or pastures with patches of trees. In Italy it passes through October-November and in March, it spends the winter period in Italy. It has gregarious habits and during the pasture stops it joins the Taccola, Cornacchia and the Storno. Food very varied as in all corvids; it feeds on both vegetable and animal substances as mentioned for the Hooded Crow. The female lays, once a year, 3-5 eggs which are incubated for 16-20 days by the female alone; The chicks leave the nest after one month and have been looked after by both parents. The species nests in colonies and is monogamous.

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