Horse breeds: Gotland Pony

Horse breeds: Gotland Pony

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Origins and attitudes

Swedish pony, originally from the Isle of Gotland (from prehistoric times). In the 1800s, two oriental stallions were imported to the island, which helped to make it more elegant and harmonious in shape. It is also called Skogsruss (pony of the woods) for its rustic lifestyle.
In the past it was used in the mines of Belgium and Great Britain, while today it is used as a saddle horse and light shooting. Robust, rustic and frugal.

Morphological characters

Type: mesomorphic.
Cloaks: bay, dark bay, morello, sauro, gray, isabella, sorcino.
Height at the withers: 122 - 134 cm.
Weight: 180 - 200 kg.
Intelligent, lively and stubborn character.

Gotland Pony (photo

Video: Young Gotland russ training (May 2022).