Breeds of dogs: Lancashire Heeler

Breeds of dogs: Lancashire Heeler

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Great Britain.
F.C.I classification: Group 1 - shepherd dogs.

The Lancashire Heeler breed was recognized in 1960. Its origins are quite clear: it is the derivative of crosses between the "Welsh Corgi" and the "Manchester terrier", which have transmitted this color and many character aspects to this new breed.

General aspect

Small dog. The characteristic of having very short limbs is immediately striking in this breed. It has a very strong and very well proportioned structure.


Canine that has an innate instinct for the flock. Very obedient and extremely intelligent. He has a great ability to hunt down pests.

Lancashire Heeler (photo

Lancashire Heeler (photo

Lancashire Heeler (photo


Height: 25 - 31 cm at the withers.
Weight: 3-6 kg.

Trunk: strong and robust; very strong and flat back.
Head and muzzle: its head vaguely recalls the characteristics of the head of the Corgi.
Truffle: always black.
Neck: robust.
Eyes: always dark.
Ears: erect, like those of the Welsh Corgi. Insert laterally.
Limbs: straight and with good bone in relation to the rest of the body; feet with a slight left-handedness.
Musculature: good development.
Tail: carried forward; inserted high.
Hair: short, hard, fairly uniform. On the tail it forms small bangs.
Allowed colors: almost black and tan. The tan markings diminish with the age of the animal.
Most common defects: cryptorchidism, monorchidism, white patches on the coat, badly worn ears, excessively long ears, leaning tail, depigmentations, incorrect gait, insufficient musculature, rickets, arched back, little strong back, absence of tan markings, little angles, little angular, excessive shyness.

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