Ducks: Ringed teal

Ducks: Ringed teal

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Spread and habitat

Small duck native to South America. It is also found in many areas of northern Europe and Asia (up to Japan). Migratory species. Much appreciated as a garden bird, both for the beautiful plumage that it maintains throughout the year, and for its adaptability to different climatic conditions and coexistence with other species, especially if small in size.

Morphological characteristics

Strong sexual dimorphism.
The male has a brown head with a darker band in the center. The chest is brown flecked with black which fades to gray on the sides. The bear is reddish, the metallic green wing mirror, the white undertail with the black tail. The beak is bluish and dark eye.
The female has a brown color, darker on the back, head and wings. The beak is bluish-gray.
Size 31 cm and weight 0.35 kg.

Nutrition and behavior

The diet is based on insects, larvae, molluscs, aquatic herbs and seeds. Pairs are formed in early spring and spawning occurs around April-May. The females lay 8-10 eggs with ivory-colored shell in nests hidden among the vegetation or in the hollows of the trees. The hatching lasts about 22 days. The care of the offspring is entrusted to both parents.

Ringed Teal Male and Female - Callonetta leucophrys

Ringed Teal Pair - Callonetta leucophrys (

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