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Website quality is a concrete commitment: that of our young technicians who work for the control and that of farmers who must ensure genuine products. Attention in selecting farms is a guarantee for the consumer. It means sharing the same philosophy: the best quality of agricultural products, respect for the work of the producer, the short chain, transparency and sustainability in the production and distribution processes to the consumer in order to safeguard the environment for future generations.

These are the conditions that agricultural producers must respect in order to bear the "Website quality" mark:

  • Companies must have land cultivated in highly rural areas, far from large urban centers and industrial settlements. The production systems adopted, integrated or organic, must guarantee the health of the products and the environment, also through the use of environmentally friendly agronomic practices.
  • Companies must favor typical crops, local varieties and indigenous breeds, in order to contribute to the recovery and enhancement of local food and wine traditions; particular attention is paid to the designation of origin and traditional agri-food products.
  • Animals must be raised in ways that tend to maximize their well-being; they should have access, whenever possible, to open spaces or pastures.
  • The conductor or his assistant must have adequate training in the agricultural field (preferably acquired by attending a school or university in the sector); competence and professionalism are a guarantee of greater attention and quality in production.
  • Companies, preferably small or medium-sized ones, as well as obviously respecting the rules of the labor market and safety regulations, must commit themselves to enhancing the skills of young workers.
  • Companies must limit the use of fossil fuels and / or produce energy from renewable sources (biomass, solar, wind, etc.).
  • Companies must be open to the consumer, they must commit themselves to hosting guided visits, training meetings and workshops; transparency and direct knowledge are effective forms of control and respect for our rules.

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