What is in monterey horticultural spray oil

What is in monterey horticultural spray oil

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A superior, self-emulsifying horticultural oil that may be used as a growing season spray, dormant spray no Leaves or delayed dormant spray. Controls over wintering eggs of scale insects, aphids, leaf roller, codling moth larvae and other common pests. Recommended for use on fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs and roses. We ship plants from mid-February to late April to all states within the U.

  • Monterey LG6294 Ready To Spray Horticultural Oil, 32 Oz
  • Monterey Horticultural Oil Gallons
  • Early insect control with horticultural oils
  • Monterey Horticultural Oil 32oz 100509479
  • Neem, horticultural oils differ in toxicity to insects
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Monterey LG6294 Ready To Spray Horticultural Oil, 32 Oz

Monterey Horticulture Oil is a certified organic spray for year-round use. Effective, mineral-based defense for roses, vegetables, small fruits, nut trees, fruit trees, and more. This odorless horticultural oil can be used as a dormant control in the winter or as a great topical fungicide during the growing seasons.

Can be applied up to the day of harvest. Controls overwintering eggs, larvae, and nymphs of common garden pests mites, scale, leafhoppers, aphids, psyllids, thrips, etc. We've 'tagged' this item with specific keywords that help you find other products that share features or characteristics with this one.

Select a tag below to view all the items that have that particular trait. Starting at. Add to Cart. Available Get an estimated delivery date ». Description Monterey Horticulture Oil is a certified organic spray for year-round use. Always read and follow label directions. Read about our shipping policies.

Tags We've 'tagged' this item with specific keywords that help you find other products that share features or characteristics with this one. Customer Reviews. Here are more items we think you'll love!

Monterey Horticultural Oil Gallons

Monterey Horticultural Oil contains mineral oil and functions as an insecticide, fungicide and miticide. Use it to control aphids, mites, scales, whiteflies and other soft-bodied insects. As an insecticide and miticide, horticultural oil is used to cover the egg, larval and nymph stages causing suffocation. Contact with the pest must be made for the oil to be effective. As a fungicide, this product interferes with the fungal pathogens ability to attach to the host. For Concentrates , mix with water and apply using a hose-end, pump, or trigger sprayer.

Spraying of Dormant Oils. What is dormant oil? It's an oil based product, typically petroleum but can also be vegetable oil based, especially.

Early insect control with horticultural oils

In other words, the oil should be applied around bud swell or later. This timing matches up with the increasing activity of the overwintering insect stages, such as aphid eggs, scale nymphs, and peach twig borer larvae. If applied too early, the oil will not work as well on these insects. In the warmest areas of Utah, the dormant oil may already have been applied. But in northern Utah, it is approaching time to apply the spray in some areas. If your trees are not affected by the pests in the image gallery shown below, you can forego a dormant oil application. There are two factors to consider for determining when to spray: the bud stage of your fruit trees pictures of fruit bud stages , and weather conditions. The window for application extends from bud swell to when leaves just start emerging, usually a period of several weeks, depending on the tree.

Monterey Horticultural Oil 32oz 100509479

This pest control is great for use on aphids, leaf miners, leafhoppers, trips, spider mites, scales, whiteflies, mealybugs and many more! Gives poor control for caterpillars and worms, but does control eggs of all insects Designed for use on a variety of trees and plants including corn, potatoes, apples, almonds, avocados, citrus, peaches, pecans, blackberries, figs, pineapple and more Designed for safe use during both the dormant and growing season Application during each season will increase the effectiveness of the product's insect control OMRI listed and approved for organic gardening Mixes readily with water Should be applied using a pump up or trigger sprayer Use enough spray solution to completely penetrate the leaf canopy and cover both top and bottom of all leaves until wet without runoff.This product controls insects by suffocation rather than poisoning them. However, you must physically spray the insect in order for it to be effective.

This mode of action necessitates total spray coverage.

Neem, horticultural oils differ in toxicity to insects

This article is part of our Organic Pest Control Series , which includes articles on attracting beneficial insects, controlling specific garden pests, and using organic pesticides. When applied directly to pests, horticultural oils interfere with respiration, causing insects to suffocate and die. These oils can also kill beneficial mites and cause leaf injury to some plants, and frequent use can reduce yields, even when the pest is controlled. Best applied in cool weather, horticultural oils are valuable tools in the organic orchard, where they can be used to control pests that overwinter in bark crevices. Oily leaf surfaces also make poor sites for insects to lay eggs, and may deter early outbreaks of mites, aphids and scale on fruit trees. Some horticultural oils include herbal essential oils, which may repel some pests and suppress some diseases.

From Al's Experts

It controls whiteflies, aphids, spider mites, mealy bugs, scale, mites, thrips, fungus gnats and other listed pests. For best results, completely cover the target pest and plant with the spray solution. Perfect product for all your organic gardening needs. About Monterey: Monterey Lawn and Garden Products is a leading distributor of plant protection chemicals and fertilizers. We strive to offer home gardeners the same professional-grade technology available to the agricultural industry. Our growing line of products provide economical and effective solutions to yard and garden problems, and are properly registered and labeled to be sold to and used by the home gardener.

Insects and mites are more vulnerable to Horticultural Oil when applied as a delayed dormant spray in late winter because they have resumed their activity.

Join our GO Rewards program and start earning points today! Use on most crops, including fruit and nut trees, vegetables, berries, ornamentals, grasses for control of fungal diseases, insects and mites. Mode of action is through suffocation of eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults of soft bodied insects. Its mode of action requires total spray coverage.

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Timely application of oil now will lead to fewer applications of miticides and insecticides later in the season.

US UK. Switching between stores will remove products from your current cart. Item :Monterey Horticultural Oil. It controls insects by suffocation rather than poisoning them. However, you must physically spray the insect in order for it to be effective.

Various oils have been used to control insect and mite pests for hundreds of years. Recently, however, renewed attention has focused on the use of oils as a "natural" substitute for traditional insecticides. What we call horticultural oils formerly went by the names dormant oils, superior oils, or second oils. These names referred to the stage of plant development when the oil spray was applied i.


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