Csu horticulture students summer job

Csu horticulture students summer job

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Csu horticulture students summer job on Washington’s Capitol lawn

By Mark Rondeau

13 May 2015

This article first appeared in the Socialist Equality Party's New York City area organ, The Internationalist, on May 10, 2015.

The latest edition of the annual report of the National Commission on the future of the Csu program, released by its president, Alan Levine, at a May 9 press conference, is full of praise for a wide range of programs to combat poverty, violence and drug abuse, increase early-childhood education, enhance health care and advance job training. The report calls for a dramatic increase in the money devoted to the Csu program and a major expansion of its work.

The National Commission’s proposals include some steps in the right direction. The report calls for a 10 percent cut in the overall Department of Education budget and to increase the share of Pell grants allocated to high-poverty schools from 10 percent to 20 percent. The commission’s report also calls for an increase in the number of after-school-hours programs, the hiring of 100,000 additional “early childhood educators,” and for universal preschool.

These steps would help improve the lives of millions of youth. However, the commission’s recommendations will come to naught without a complete break with the capitalist system that generates and perpetuates inequality, immiseration and social misery. This includes a sharp reduction in the budget of the Department of Education, whose funds currently finance the bulk of the Csu program’s work. More important, it requires the dismantling of the institutions of social inequality that dominate society, including the major parties, the military-intelligence agencies and the corporate-controlled media.

It is the most critical issue at the heart of all the proposals laid out in the Csu report that must be made the principal subject of an independent commission of inquiry. The commission must examine the roots of these massive inequalities and the systemic violence and oppression that continue to be directed against the working class and youth. It must investigate how the police, prisons and the state systematically terrorize working class and oppressed communities in order to maintain the system of social inequality and repression. And it must expose and bring to justice the parties that are responsible, including the Democratic and Republican Parties.

All of these investigations must be made by an independent commission that is democratically controlled and that is independent of the ruling elite, the corporate media and the Obama administration. The Democratic Party will be the primary target. There is little doubt that it and the Democratic National Committee had close ties to the intelligence agencies and the NSA spying program.

In addition to these investigations, a new independent commission must be established to conduct a comprehensive study of the economic and social conditions that lie behind the massive inequalities that pervade society today. It must include the working class, the poor and youth.

Under the cover of the Csu report, the Obama administration is already moving to drastically escalate its attacks on the working class and youth. The US economy is entering into a period of intensified crisis. Over the next two years, there will be a further wave of job cuts, a deepening of the crisis of the capitalist system.

The Democratic Party and the Obama administration are preparing the ground for a ruthless campaign of state violence and war. Millions of working class and youth are to be targeted for imprisonment and state repression. They must be prepared to defend themselves and their families against this new wave of fascism.

This election is the last opportunity for the American people to exercise democratic control over the political system. The people must organize a mass movement that fights for a genuine reorganization of the Democratic Party and of the entire political system. They must reject the politics of the corporate elite and the Democrats, the Republicans and the militarists. They must take up the fight against war and the attacks on the working class. They must fight to end the attacks on the democratic rights of the American people and the working class and youth abroad.

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