Typical Italian products: Green Asparagus from Altedo PGI

Typical Italian products: Green Asparagus from Altedo PGI

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Region: Emilia Romagna (Provinces of Bologna and Ferrara).
EC recognition: EC Reg. N. 492 of 18.03.2003 (OJEC L. 73 of 19.03.2003)

The Green Asparagus of Altedo must be produced exclusively in the following areas:
Province of Bologna:
the Municipalities of Anzola dellEmilia, Argelato, Bologna, Budrio, Baricella, Bentivoglio, Calderara di Reno, Crevalcore, Castello dArgile, Castelmaggiore, Castel San Pietro Terme, Castenaso, Castelguelfo, Dozza, Galliera, Granarolo dellEmilia, Imola, Malalbergo, Medicine , Minerbio, Molinella, Mordano, Ozzano dellEmilia, Pieve di Cento, Sala Bolognese, SantAgata Bolognese, San Giovanni Persiceto, San Giorgio di Piano, San Lazzaro di Savena, San Pietro in Casale;
Province of Ferrara:
the municipalities of Argenta, Berra, Bondeno, Cento, Codigoro, Comacchio, Copparo, Ferrara, Formignana, Goro, Iolanda di Savoia, Lagosanto, Masi Torello, Mesola, Mirabello, Migliaro, Migliarino, Massafiscaglia, Ostellato, Portomaggiore, Poggio Renatico , Ro, SantAgostino, Tresigallo, Vigarano Mainarda, Voghiera.

After the harvest, the asparagus must be sent to the processing center, delivered in bunches or in bulk.
To preserve them, it is essential to slow down the product's metabolism by rapidly cooling the product by partially immersing the turion in water or other suitable cooling system.

The product is packaged in bunches, from a minimum of 250 grams to a maximum of Kg 3, suitably tied, and balanced at the base by means of a mechanical or manual trimming operation. They can be wrapped, at the base, with handkerchiefs of material suitable for the packaging of food products; as an alternative to the handkerchief, the bouquets can be decorated with a band of suitable material, horizontal or vertical, showing all the indications provided for in the EEC 2081/92 regulation. Thus prepared, the bouquets should be placed in the various packing containers.

Asparagus properties
Lasparago is richer in fiber than other vegetables and provides limited quantities of fats, proteins and sugars, while it is rich in minerals essential for man, in particular calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. This vegetable also has a good content of antioxidants, as well as vitamins A, B6 and C and is an excellent source of folic acid.

Green Asparagus from Altedo PGI (

Consortium for the Protection of Green Asparagus from Altedo
Municipality of Malalbergo
Piazza Unity of Italy 2
40058 Malalbergo (BO) - Italy

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