Chicken breeds: Dwarf Dresden - Zwerg-Dresdener

Chicken breeds: Dwarf Dresden - Zwerg-Dresdener

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Country of origin: Germany. Egg shell color: yellowish.

Morphological characteristics

Dwarf chicken with a fairly rounded shape and only slightly elongated; habit of just medium height; lively temperament.
The colors allowed by the Italian Standard are: Black-tailed Golden Brown, Black, White, Sparrowhawk, Red Gold Neck.

Medium weight:
- Gauls 1.2 kg
- Hens 1.0 kg

Zwerg-Dresdener rooster and hen (photo

Breed standard - FIAV



Minimum weight g. 40
Shell color: yellowish.

Rooster: 15
Hen: 13

Dwarf chicken with a fairly rounded shape and only slightly elongated; habit of just medium height; lively temperament.

General appearance and characteristics of the breed
Trunk: of medium length, wide, deep and rounded.
Head: small and round.
Beak: strong enough; yellow to horn-colored.
Eyes: orange-red iris.
Crest: very full pink crest, quite wide at the base; thorn that follows the line of the nape.
Bargigli: medium length, rounded.
Face: red; presence of small feathers.
Mumps: medium sized; red.
Neck: medium length, with rich cape.
Broad shoulders.
Back: of constant width, of medium length, slightly reassembling. Large, full croup slightly rising towards the tail.
Wings: of medium length and well tightened to the body.
Tail: of medium length, with not too long sickles that cover the helmsman well; medium flow rate and a little open. In the hen carried slightly raised, wide and open.
Chest: wide, full and rounded
Legs: strong and little evident legs. Medium length tarsi; Detective stories. Medium length and well spread fingers.
Belly: wide and full.

ROOSTER: Kg. 1,200
HEN: Kg. 1,000

Serious defects:
Exaggerated size; strong similarity with the shape of New Hampshire or Wyandotte; habit too detected; carp back; strong formation of bearings; too light-colored iris.

Conformation: tightened to the body.


Golden brown head. Cape and golden brown rump that lightens slightly downwards; black flames in the lower part of the cape. Back, shoulders and small coverts of wings brown brown supported. Primary brown remiges with black longitudinal tract along the spine on the external beards. Golden brown secondary remiges with black longitudinal tract on the internal beards. Chest, legs and belly of medium intensity brown color which should possibly extend to the anal plumage. Black tail with green reflections, brown border in small sickle cell allowed. Salmon-colored down jacket, a little tolerated gray.
Golden brown head. Golden brown cape a little lighter, with large black flames that rise a little higher than in the rooster. Plumage of the reddish golden brown coat, a bit like the color of the rooster's breast. Remiges like those of the rooster. Black tail, brown hemming allowed in large coverts. Salmon-colored down jacket up to gray.
Serious defects: white or black visible in the plumage of the coat; floury traces in the remiges and in the tail; sooty cape; absence of the design in the cape; drawing in the lanceolate of the croup; strongly sooty or whitish down; in the hen the color of the coat strongly marbled.

Intense black with green reflections. Black down jacket, in the rooster it lightens at the base, darker in the hen. Dark beak upper part tolerated.
Serious defects: plumage without reflections; bronze reflections, feathers of another color; strong floury traces in the remiges; tarsi with dark veiling.

Pure white.
Serious defects: strong yellow reflections; gray edging.

Each feather with cross bars, in multiple alternation, dark slate gray and light blue-gray. The bars are slightly arched. In the rooster they are of the same width, in the hen the dark bars are wider than the light ones; the drawing is not precise. Down jacket only faintly designed.
Serious defects: sparrowhawk design strongly shaded or in the shape of a hem; absence of sparrowhawk design in the tail; rust; floury tracks.

Golden brown head. Golden brown cape with light black flames. Red brown to golden brown croup with little or no black flame. Back, shoulders and small coverlets of dark red brown wings. Large wing covers with tricolor design that resembles that of the feathers of the chest, black with green reflections seen from the outside. Rowigans with internal black matt beards and deep brown external beards that form the triangle of the wing. Primary remiges matt black and brown-bordered external beards. The chest design is made up of tricolor feathers or gray-black at the base, opaque brown in the center and ends with a more or less large black pearl, design of the legs similar to that of the chest. Opaque brown belly with black spots. Black helmsman, large black sickles with green reflections, small bright black sickles with more or less brown edging, gray down jacket with brownish veiling.
Brown-red head. The upper part of the brown-red cape, which goes down to a golden brown with black flames; plumage of the rust brown coat with black peppering and more or less visible golden brown spine. Color and design of the secondary remiges similar to that of the coat. Primary remiges with opaque black external beards with brown edge and opaque black internal beards with brown peppering at the end. Black tail with edge of the coverts with peppering, dark salmon breast. Legs and belly predominantly brownish and gray peppery. Gray down jacket.
Serious defects:

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