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This section is dedicated to chickens. Dr. Alessio Zanon, veterinary surgeon expert in zootechnical biodiversity, collaborated in its realization.

Atlas of breeds of chickens

We have collected the main breeds of chickens, divided into Italian, foreign and Bantam (dwarf) breeds in an easy-to-read atlas (synthetic sheets with images). Click on the menu and select the desired breed.

Information to mariners

The domestic chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) has always been bred for multiple purposes: meat, eggs, feathers, cockfighting competitions, ornamental and religious. The number of breeds and varieties of domestic chickens that have gradually been created in the various countries is very remarkable. In our atlas of chickens the illustrated cards (origins, morphological characteristics, varieties and economic characteristics) of almost 300 breeds are reported. The many commercial hybrids that form the object of intensive breeding all over the world and, unfortunately, also in the family chicken coops of our countryside are beyond the scope of the discussion. In the section dedicated to dwarf breeds are reported the authentic dwarfs (Nagasaki, Moroseta, Beijing, Ohiki) and some miniaturized dwarfs (i.e. miniatures of large breeds).
The rural breeding of farmyard animals represents in Italy a well-established reality important for its characteristics of environmental sustainability and for the multiple health, economic and social effects. The practice of following elementary rules of environmental and sanitary prophylaxis allows a very limited use of drugs and therefore to obtain healthy animals and consequently safe and residue-free foods (Main diseases of chickens).

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