Bulbose: Garlic Allium spp.

Bulbose: Garlic Allium spp.

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Classification, origin and description

Family: Liliaceae
Genus: Allium
Common name: Garlic

Typology: Perennials, Bulbose
Propagation: division, seed

Etymology: the root of allium it derives from the Celtic word all, which has the meaning of acrid, pungent, but it seems that the Persians also used a similar term to indicate the eating bulbs.

To this genus belong the common Garlic (Allium sativum), onion (Allium cepa) and Leek (Allium porrum). Spontaneous there are more than 300, spread across Europe, North Africa, Asia, North America and South America. Many species are appreciated as ornamental plants, producing inflorescences more than 1 meter high

Allium moly (photo

How it is grown

They are almost all rustic species, but it is not recommended in very cold or alpine regions. The bulbs can be planted and left on the ground for several years until you want to divide them. The planting of bulbs and seedlings obtained from seed (sown in a greenhouse) must be done in the spring. The soil must be well drained and exposed to the sun.

Allium karataviense Regel. (photo

Species and varieties

- Allium siculum L .: species native to Sicily and Southern France. Very ornamental species, with little showy leaves and blue-green flowers with shades of dark red outside petals, pendulous and forming a large sparse umbrella, on rigid stems 1 meter high. It blooms in May-June.

- Allium moly L .: species native to southern Europe. Only 25 cm high, it has ribbon-shaped, pointed, dark green leaves. The flowers are star-shaped, bright yellow in color; it blooms in May-June.

- Allium karataviense Regel .: species native to Turkestan. About 20 cm tall, it has broad, flat, almost prostrate, glaucous green leaves. The stems are short and erect and carry round inflorescences like balls of pink flowers. It blooms in May.

- Allium giganteum Regel .: species native to Central Asia. The flowers, dense and lilac pink in color, are carried by stems up to one meter high and are often found by florists. The leaves are ribbon-shaped.

Allium giganteum Regel. (photo

Diseases, pests and adversities

They are rustic plants and resistant to pests and diseases.

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