Bosco Nordio Integral Nature Reserve - Veneto

Bosco Nordio Integral Nature Reserve - Veneto

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Integral Natural Reserve; established with Ministerial Decree 07/26/71
Veneto region
Province: Venice

The Bosco Nordio Integral Nature Reserve is located along the oldest dune system on the Venetian coast between Chioggia (VE) and the river Po. It occupies an area of ​​about 115 hectares, in the Municipality of Chioggia (VE).

Bosco Nordio Integral Nature Reserve (photo


In Roman times the dunes on which the Reserve stands were part of a coastal cord in continuation of what currently limits the Venetian lagoon to the east and which continued beyond the Adige to the Po and then to Ravenna. In the Middle Ages, as in Roman times, the sea skirted the current wooded dunes of the coastal cordon. Bosco Nordio is a remnant of the wide wooded belt which in the past characterized most of the Veneto coast.
The morphology of the Nordio Wood has conditioned the distribution of vegetation. The populations of holm oak and ash-holm oak settle on the highest part of the dunes, while in the depressions of the land there are oaks (and some individuals of linden, maritime pine and domestic pine. The passage between one formation and the other, however, is not so net and the two types of vegetation often overlap.
As regards the fauna aspect, the following mammals are present in the area: fallow deer, badger, marten, hedgehog, hare, hedgehog, weasel, European mole, terrestrial and water vole.
Numerous and important are the species of the fauna that nest in the area among which: the marsh harrier, the marsh owl, the stiff neck, the nightingale, the cuckoo, the stonecutter, the wire rod, small laverla, besides pheasant, owl, egret, gray heron , wood pigeon, tawny owl, black woodpecker, robin, song thrush, river nightingale, blue tit, great tit, jay.

Information for the visit

Veneto Agriculture
University Avenue, 14
Agripolis 35020 Legnaro (PD)

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