Biotopo Inghiaie - Trentino

Biotopo Inghiaie - Trentino

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Biotope; established with D.G.P. November 30, 1992 n. 16948; partly managed by WWF Italia.
Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
Province: Trento

The Inghiaie biotope is located in the Municipality of Levico (in Valsugana), at 440 meters above sea level; it occupies an area of ​​30 hectares, with riparian forest, peat bog and wet meadows. The local name is Caresari.

Biotopo Inghiaie (photo


The biotope is what remains of that complex of swamps, lakes, ponds and marshes that once occupied the valley floor of the Valsugana. Here there are perennial springs fed by groundwater, which allow the formation of peat and the spread of typical marsh vegetation (cariceti, water straws, marsh gentians, wild orchids, etc.). The fauna is also rich and varied, with amphibians and water birds in the foreground (mallards, moorhens, pigs and kingfishers). A small part of the biotope (1,660 square meters) is managed by WWF Italia as a protective refuge.


The provincial law (Autonomous Province of Trento) which established protected biotopes (areas of significant naturalistic, scientific and cultural interest) is No. 14 of 23/06/1986. In 1987, 287 were identified: of these, 219 are defined as being of local interest and their establishment and management is the responsibility of the municipality (municipal biotopes); the 68 most important are instead classified of provincial interest (provincial biotopes), and are the responsibility of the Biotopes Office of the Parks and State Forests Service of the Province.

Information for the visit

It is equipped with a path for visiting and with observers.

Parks and State Forests Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento
North Business Center - Via Trener, 3
38100 Trento
Tel. 0461 495833

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