Cat breeds: Scottish Straight

Cat breeds: Scottish Straight

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FIFe classification and history

Country of origin: Scotland - Great Britain.

Scottish Straight are defined as cats that have straight ears and are born to a British parent and a Scottish parent (Fold or Straight); they are completely identical to the British. If they had their ears bent forward, they would instead be called Scottish Fold. In the Scottish selection program, Exotics or American Shorthair may also sometimes be present. Despite having a Scottish parent, Straight's puppies will lose the carrier gene of folded ears. However, if a Straight is paired with a Scottish Fold it will breed puppies with both straight and folded ears. This is in fact the type of selection recommended for obtaining both Straight and Fold puppies. More information

General aspect

Scottish Straight is a medium-sized cat, with the characteristic stocky and massive body inherited from the Scottish Fold. Its hair is short and soft to the touch, so much so that it almost looks like the stuffed animal. It owes its name to the erect position of its ears (Straight in English means straight).

Scottish Straight - Leonor of the Blue Moon (photo


He is an affectionate, calm and very intelligent cat with an extraordinary personality. his curiosity nature leads him to explore every corner of the house, entering forcefully into everyday family life.


The coat, short and thick, remains in good condition with a minimum of cleaning with a brush and comb. During the moulting period, it will be necessary to brush it every day by removing dead hair carefully.

Variety of color

All colors are allowed, in all shades and varieties.


Category: Short Hair.
Medium build.
Body: robust and well rounded, without ever being stocky and heavy, with medium bone structure.
Coat: soft, short, thick and resistant.

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