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Cat breeds: Oriental

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FIFe classification and history

Dorigo country: Thailand - Great Britain.

The origin cradle of the Orient is Thailand, where most cats still have a uniform color and green eyes.
The short-haired Oriental was obtained in England, around the mid-twentieth century, by crossing cats from Thailand, common cats and Abyssinians. Lobbiettivo was to obtain specimens with all the features of the Siamese except for the coloration of the extremities. The first specimens obtained had a dark brown coat. This variety is known by the name of Havana Brown. Later also Orientals of other colors were selected (and the work of selection continues). The Oriental short-haired breed was officially recognized around the mid-seventies (in 1976 by the CFA, in 1977 by the GCCF and FIFe). In the United States it is also called Foreign Shorthair. And now widespread throughout the world and you can also admire in cat shows organized in Italy.

General aspect

The physical characteristics and temperament of the Oriental short-haired cat are similar to those of the Siamese. The differences are in the color of the hair (the colored ends, typical of the Siamese are absent) and in that of the eyes (emerald green instead of blue, typical color of the Siamese).

Oriental short-haired (photo website)


Affectionate and sociable, they love to be pampered and stay in their master's arms. They need constant companionship and suffer if left alone at home. They even go as far as to express their disappointment by doing damage to the house or spreading pee everywhere. Playful until late age, they love to have fun with many types of toys. They learn to be taken on a leash. Intelligent and curious, they subject each guest of the house to a meticulous examination and follow every domestic activity with great attention. They live well with other cats and dogs. Suitable for families with children.


The short hair of the Orient requires little care: brushing every week with a soft brush is sufficient. During the period of the wetsuit it is advisable to use a chamois cloth to gently remove the dead fur. The ears must be cleaned only if necessary with a specific product. The nails can be blunted with special scissors.

Oriental short-haired (photo

Variety of color

The Orientals are selected in a large variety of colors, with the exception of the Himalayan shades (Siamese type). The most common colors are black and blue, but specimens with a tiger (or Tabby) coat are also very popular. The Havana variety is described in the relevant fact sheet - Havana Brown). Even for the Orientals we speak of the Smoke variety when the coat has a silver undercoat. There are also completely white specimens.
The eyes must have an intense green color. The semi-long haired variety is also bred.


Category: Short Hair.
Build: average (average weight: males 5 kg, females 4 kg); slim build and light bones.
Head: long, flat, with pointed muzzle that forms a perfect triangle with the ears; lean cheeks; the chin must not be too pronounced, but neither should it be elusive; long, non-stop nose.
Ears: large, placed diagonally on the sides of the head.
Eyes: almond-shaped, with lively expression
Limbs: long and thin, the posterior ones are slightly longer than the anterior ones; oval legs.
Tail: long and tapered.
Coat: short and fine hair, silky and soft to the touch; very adherent to the body, it must not have too much undercoat.
Faults: traces of tigration in uniform color varieties; yellow or brown shades in the eyes; coat roughness, excessive length and abundant undercoat.

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