Cat breeds: Foreign White

Cat breeds: Foreign White

FIFe classification and history

Country of origin: United States.

More than a breed, it is the variety of white coat Siamese. Unlike many white blue-eyed cats, which are often deaf or have a good chance of giving birth to deaf kittens, Foreign White has no malformations. The blue color of the eyes derives, therefore, from the genetic heritage typical of the Siamese breed and not from the responsible one, in many breeds, in addition to the color of the eyes, also of the predisposition to deafness.

General aspect

The general aspect is that of the Siamese, with blue eyes and a white coat.

Foreign White (photo Krissi Lundgren


Intelligent, sociable, affectionate, he is very attached to the host family. Like Siamese, it often meows to attract attention.


The short coat does not require special care. Just brush it once a week. During the moulting period it is good to massage the body with a soft chamois cloth to remove the dead hair and then comb through with a fine tooth comb.

Foreign White (photo

Foreign White kitten (photo

Variety of color

The coat is pure white. The eyes are blue.


Category: Short Hair.
Medium build; slender and elegant.
Head: wedge-shaped, muzzle and ears form an inverted equilateral triangle; elongated muzzle.
Ears: large, wide at the base, placed diagonally on the sides of the head
Eyes: almond-shaped and slightly oblique, deep blue color.
Limbs: long and thin; the rear ones are longer than the front ones; the legs are oval.
Tail: long, thin and pointed.
Coat: short, thin and silky, almost devoid of undercoat.
Defects: spots or shades of color on the coat.

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