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Aviculture Show held at the Volte Medicee
Aviculture Show

Huge successes for the 8th Social Aviculture ATA Show
October 2004

ByLara FantiTheTuscany Aviculture Association with thecollaboration of the Florence Agriculture 5thD 2004/2005 class students organized on the22-23-24 of October the 8th Social Avicultureshow.Theshow was held in the Volte Medicee thatwas once the Tuscany Great Duke s stables.

Manywere the breeds displayed by the ATAbreeder s partners, among which the onesbread from the famous Florence Agriculturebreed (Valdarno, Black Livronese, Sicilianwhite and gold neck).

Octoberthe 22nd was reserved for the Judges s pointassignments and for the classifications of theindividual competition. Some of the studentswere allowed to assist in the judgment.

The following two days the show was opened tothe public (from 9.30-18.00 with free entrance).

The Gallo Nero students illustrated thecharacteristics of the animals on display and the different breeds.

There where nearly 2500 visitors and manyauthorities who attended the fair.

5th D class students where present during the whole of the fair, both in giving information and organizing the catering.

It was possible to buy the farm products inthe Institutes school s greenhouse such asplaints, wine and vin santo.

The prize giving was held on Sunday at 17.00.Many prizes were given for the specimens breadby the Agriculture students among which theValdaro, Livornese and Sicilian. And above all the biggest prize the cup for the AbsoluteChampion of the show was won by a splendid Sicilian gold neck roaster.

The best pictures of the 8th show
The exposition list
The prizewinners list

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Mrs Silvia of the Gallo Nero Consortium with Elisaand Prof. Mario Giannone

Prize giving
Somestudents of the Black Rooster

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