Mushrooms: Boletus (Suillus) viscidus

Mushrooms: Boletus (Suillus) viscidus

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Class: Basidiomyomycetes
Scientific name: Boletus (Suillus) viscidus (Linnaeus) Fries
Synonyms: Boletus sordidus - Boletus aeruginascens - Boletus laricinus
Common names: Viscous bolete

Morphological characteristics

Hat: 4-12 cm, first convex, then convex planes, viscous, soft, with various shades of brown, involute margin with remains of veil.
tubules: long and clear.
Pori: large, angular, first grayish then brownish.
Stem: 4-8 x 1-2 cm, full, firm, cylindrical, reticulated, brownish-gray with greenish shades, with white ring and flockiness.
Meat: whitish, with bluish or greenish spots, thick, soft, with a sweet taste and fruity smell.
spore: brownish.

Boletus (Suillus) viscidus(photo Pascal Ribollet

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: symbiote mushroom.
In the larch woods, from late spring to autumn.
Mediocre edible.

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