Wildlife in Italy: Orsini's viper

Wildlife in Italy: Orsini's viper

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Systematic classification and distribution

Class: Reptiles
Order: Squamata
suborders: Snakes
Family: Viperidae
Kind: Viper
Species: V. ursinii

The Viper of the Orsini (Vipera ursinii) can be found in the central Apennines, it is not very common, so much so that it is a protected species. It owes its name to Antonio Orsini, the naturalist who described it first.
It is a poisonous snake, but its size and the size of the teeth make sure that its bite is not dangerous for humans. It is also a shy animal and is rarely found in a condition to bite in order to defend itself.

Distinctive characters

It is the smallest viper that can be found in Italy. He has a narrow head and a stocky body.
The typical color of this reptile is light brown with a dark zigzag pattern on the back.


It feeds on insects, small reptiles and rodents.

Viper dellOrsini - Vipera ursinii (photo

Viper dellOrsini - Vipera ursinii (photo

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